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21 August 2013 @ 11:27 pm
UPDATED June 20, 2017

After giving this issue some very deep thought, I have decided to do the unthinkable and officially retire this account and name once and for all. This is due to a variety of reasons, and though I don't wish to get into much detail about why I have made the decision to move onto another account and leave this one collecting dust, I feel like I should offer up some sort of explanation of why I decided to do what I have been thinking about doing for years.

To be completely honest with myself, this account was created for the sole purpose of having a platform to publish my work, to gush with fandom friends, and to receive some much needed support in the first feeble attempts I made in original writing. However, the fact remains that not one story made it to this account, and I decided in the end that it was for the best to abandon it while I came to a direct decision of what to do with it. I still remained in contact with the friends that I had made in the years before I chose to leave, and obviously I wasn't completely gone from LJ as I had my writing journal to attend to. However, only a select few were able to read those works, and soon even that writing journal fell in an abandoned state.

After returning in 2015, I decided it was for my best interests to remove my writing account for good, and went about organising my files so that it could receive a mountain load of written work. At first, I had thought that this account would be suffice enough as a suitable replacement for my stories, but then I lost heart in the idea as that meant I had to clean up the entire journal and make it more professional for these stories.

In the end, I abandoned the account again, and until my return back into a fandom which only knows me under this name, decided in the end that it was for the best to officially move on.

To those interested, I can now be found here:

Auregan (Livejournal)
Aouregan (Dreamwidth)
Aouregan (A03)

And of course, I can still be found publishing old fic under the name of lilgenious on FF.net
19 June 2017 @ 11:55 pm
As much as I have tried keeping this particular journal active with posts, I've found that I can't do it. I love afleur_de_lis for everything the name gave to me, and for a long time I've been able to post peacefully under the name. However, writing under the account didn't give me the closure I wanted after the events that took place a few years back, and it made me feel alienated every time I signed into the account.

After a year or so of being in hiatus from this site, I officially moved on with another name. I find that publishing my work and blog posts under that particular account is far more liberating than this one.

So, I have decided that I am officially going to close this account once I am ready to part with it, and open up a new account under the name that I've been writing under for a few years now. It will be this account where you'll be able to find my works published to.

I would like to thank you for all your patience,

Fleur-de-Lys (Aouregan)
07 November 2016 @ 06:44 pm
While I was hunting around my old writing journal (whose entries are going to be cross-posted here as soon as I can move them), I discovered a few ancient entries that have left me a little baffled.

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28 October 2016 @ 08:47 pm
After eight months of being on a somewhat writer's hiatus, I have decided to become active once again before I go mad with not being very productive. I've been more focused on original writing endeavours, and have completed my "For the King" novel that is centred more in the historical fiction side of things than the fanfiction counterpart. The first chapter of that story will be made available to this journal as soon as I clean this place up.

My Merlin fanfic What He Should Have Said needs a beta, methinks. This is because I feel that the writing is rather dry and a second (or third) pair of eyes can really help pick apart the story for all of its flaws. I would also love to have someone beta read through a short story that I am currently working on that centres on an AU of the fifth season. As much as I adore the show for everything it stands for, I feel rusty when it comes to the characterisation and original plotline. My story so far is an alternative storyline for Mordred's decision to go to Morgana's side, and I would love to have someone look at what I've written so far to ensure I am heading in the right direction.

I am going to be publishing a story that I had written a long time ago onto this journal. As it has been on a friend's locked writing journal for years (since 2012 or 2013), I feel that this little novella can really help with getting this little journal back on track for what is was originally meant for.

I hope everyone has been doing well in the months that I've been gone, and that you are all safe.

*Just a note before I leave. I see that my 'welcome post' is extremely outdated. While I am cleaning out this journal to make it usable (and less dusty), I'll be updating that so 1. it is more relevant to this journal and 2. It best represents who I am as both a person and a writer.
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25 February 2016 @ 07:15 pm
I've been rather ill in real life, and found that I was extremely overwhelmed because of it. However, now that I am feeling a little better, I decided to return back to writing, and have discovered that my love for Merlin and all things musketeer related has returned to me.

I have been dabbling an awful lot in original writing, and found my place amongst the historical fiction genre. To be honest here, I decided to combine my love for writing fanfiction and original together, and as a result, my story that centres on Lancelot and Gauvain (Gawain) is becoming quite the success. At least in my head. I haven't been focusing that much on writing, but this story has me rather excited.

A little update, I decided to switch to another account on AO3. I now go under Aouregan on that site, and have been publishing stories to that account. I have updated What Should Have Been Said, and am currently working on the third chapter.

My series Le Morte d'Arthur is coming along great. I am nearly finished the first story, and will be publishing the first part when I feel confident that it is written to the best of my abilities. I didn't exactly like how the final two episodes of the series ended, and really wanted to explore the relationship between Merlin and Arthur more. Currently, I have the series separated into three parts, and will focus much of my attention on Merlin's character.

I hope to begin publishing my works as soon as I can!
07 December 2015 @ 09:36 pm
After years of writer's block, struggling with the plot, and arguing with myself over whether or not I should write out another chapter for this story, I have finally achieved it.

What He Should Have Said has now a second chapter that has taken three years to write! It is a strange thing to admit that the third chapter is far easier to write than the second part of this story that I had given up on.

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14 November 2015 @ 09:47 pm
A few months ago I decided to join up for a French history writing community that had advertised for a writing contest that was centred on French history. I didn't believe that I would have gotten it finished on time, and stressed out over every little detail, but two days ago I finally finished it and sent it in.

The story itself is very bulky and is set during the Guerre de Bourgogne in 1474. I am not too certain if it should be listed as historical fiction as it centres more on a fictional character and her viewpoint, but I think that this story set the stage to another story that I have planned for one of the soldiers who was very real in history.

I hope that I can have this story published on here as soon as I have time to do so. The link to the story will be made available here on the nineteenth of this month.

I was going to come here to make a post about the cowardly attacks in Paris, but I chose not to because I feel that my anger will overwhelm me. I don't want to make a place that is supposed to be meant for writing into a place to voice my outrage and hatred.

I am not too certain when I will be back here, but I do believe that since I have a story to post that it should be soon.
24 March 2015 @ 08:07 pm
So recently I've been thinking a lot about King Arthur in both the legend and BBC Merlin, and have been asking both sets of fans a few direct questions regarding their thoughts on specific details that happen in both stories. While I've been getting some mixed reception, I am rather pleased with the responses that I've gotten regarding things like the sword in the stone, Merlin's role in both Legend and Merlin, the differences that I've noticed in Sir Gawain's (Gwaine's) and Lancelot's relationship, Morgana's descent into darkness and of course King Arthur himself.

However, I come here today to ask one of my questions again because I do long to understand more than just the concept. I want to get into the psychological aspect of this specific idea, and yearn to learn more about it.

So my question for today is this: Do you think that the sword in the stone represents a lot more than is presented in Legend and Merlin? Because there has to be more than 'the rightful king of Briton pulls out the sword and rules', right?

My question is actually in regards to a story that I am writing. I am stuck and as such keep reading what I've got and scrapping the entire story before I rewrite it. I want to really understand the representation of the sword in the stone, and what it would have meant to Arthur at a time when he was questioning himself as both a man and a king.

However, I also want to also understand what it really means to have a sword in the stone. I mean, I've always thought that there was more to the sword than a literal sense... there had to be something else at play as well. Something that medieval writers and readers would have understood that seems to be forgotten today.
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02 February 2015 @ 08:45 pm
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AfterCamlann, the Merlin Big Bang is Back for 2015!

Sign ups are now open HERE for Writers, Artists, Betas & Cheerleaders. Come be part of the fun this year!

30 January 2015 @ 05:37 am
Horror Fest Banner 1

I know I am a few days late, but I've loved this community since the first time I found out about its existence and grew excited that it was time for prompting. I may participate this year like I promised myself a year ago. Though I am a little nervous to be perfectly honest. With other writing challenges that need to be done and real life picking up, I might not have time for it, but I'll see when claims come around.

However to those that are interested in stories of a darker nature, this community is for you!
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